Introduction: Converting a Google Sketchup Design Into DXF Format

How to get a part that was designed in Sketchup into a .dxf file type. This allows it to be used in programs like Partwizard so that toolpaths can be made and it can be cut on the Shopbot.

Step 1: Export File From Sketchup and Prepare

once you have completed you sketchup drawing, export it as a jpeg.
use gimp, paint, or any photo editing program to make the image black and white with clean lines. The simple paint bucket in paint works fine.

Step 2: Convert File in Raster to Vector

If you do not already have it, download Raster to Vector at
Open it, click add file in the top left corner, and selevt the jpeg image that you edited in the last step.
Use the browser button to select where you want the file to be placed.
Click convert, ok the free version message, and the program will create a .dxf file with the same name as your jpeg
you can now bring your dxf file into any program you want