Introduction: Converting My Mp3 Player to Direct Usb Port and Replacable Battery

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on this instructable i will show you on how i convert my i-pod shuffle to be having a direct usb port (using the mp3 player to the computer without using a adaptor) and to replace the built in battery by a mobile phone battery and the mobile phone battery can be detachable(if the battery got low power and the user still want to use the mp3 player to listen to music, the battery can be replaced by a full charged battery).

Step 1: Components That You Need...

these are the components that i made for the mp3 conversion

all of these are improvised by me

usb adapter (mp3 to USB) - i made it from junk mp3 to usb adapter

battery holder - i improvised the battery holder for the batteries, i designed the holder for the battery to  be detachable. this is made from junk pcb and plastic that are glued to form this, i painted it silver on the top thats why it looked like this.

usb cap - i also improvised a usb cap for the usb plug so it can be covered. this is also from junk plastic . the steps on making this was on my other instructable.

the other materials that you need are junk plastics, straps and lock for the battery holder cover, and glues, etc...

Step 2: Puting the Parts Together...

my mp3 player should look like this,

i removed the built in battery and replaced it with the battery holder by soldering it,

Step 3: Making the Case and Painting the Whole Player

after puting the parts together it need some casings and covers, plus a switch and a led indicator for the mp3 player(because the case will cover the indicator light of the player and the switch also).

so i made a case from junk plastics

 also i made a cover for the battery holder

and made a usb cap from junk plastics also

and after forming and painting it, it looked like this

now the project is finished!!!!!