Introduction: Make a Conway's Game of Life Display Device With 16 X 16 Cells Using Attiny13a

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I challenged making a Conway's Game of Life at 1 KB using ATtiny13A.It was used to display four MAX7219 LED Dot Matrix Display Modules. In order to display 16×16 Dots I reviewed the sketch and made improvements to make effective use of less memory. I improved the display to random and I was able to keep watching Game of Life. I feel pleasant to see cells that change in Game of Life :-)

Step 1: Sketch

I wrote in a program at ATtiny13a using Arduino IDE used version 1.82 and MCUdude/MicroCore.
Fuse bit :hFuse = 0xFF, lFuse= 0x7A (interne 9.6 MHz clock)

Step 2: Circuit & Material

1x ATtiny13A
1x Mini breadboard
4x MAX7219 Dot Matrix Module LED Display Module
Module dimensions: length 3.2 cm X 3.2 cm wide X 1.3 cm high
1x Clear case(If there is...)
Module dimensions: length 7.0 cm X 7.0 cm wide X 7.0 cm high
Module Inside dimension: length 6.6 cm X 6.6 cm wide X 6.6 cm high
2x Double 5p male to male 5cm bread line jumper cable
3x 2.54MM Female Header Connector 5P
4x 2.54MM Male Pin Header Connector 5P
10x 2.54mm Single Row Pin Jumper Cap
2× Male Pin Connector
Some jumper wires
Heat Shrink Tube

Step 3: Jumper Wire

The circuit is very simple:-)

Step 4: Make a 16 × 16 Dot Matrix

I thought about remodeling and soldered like a photo.

Step 5: Fasten With Adhesive

Attention is paid to the orientation of the Dot Matrix Module and bond it with a strong adhesive.
Please test before turning on before gluing.

Step 6: Case Making

Drill a hole according to the thickness of the USB cable.
I drilled a hole using an acrylic drill and a chassis reamer. Cracks are unlikely to occur when removing a drill if a hole is made by pasting wood or sticking cellophane tape. Please rotate the drill at low speed and slowly drill a hole so that no extra force is applied.

Step 7: USB Cable

Standard USB connector has 4 pins. Red is + 5V, Black is Grant. Check with a tester.Attach the male pin connector to insert it into the mini bread board.
Please attach a Heat Shrink Tube so that the cut face is not short circuited.

Step 8: Assemble

Pass the USB cable through the hole in the clear case to make a knot.
Incorporate the created parts in the clear case.Finally please insert USB to the power supply.

Have fun :-)

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