Introduction: Cook Alarm

When I cook, I don't like to wait in the kitchen for the water to boil, I usually go do other stuff and when I get back most of the water is gone.

So I decided NO MORE!

I designed a little and very simple piece of equipment which will tell me when the water starts to boil(or reach 70C, etc).

In this instructable you can see the alpha version, with an ugly stand, and no casing, but it works.

Sorry for my bad English. If you found a grammar of spelling mistake, please contact me in a private message

Step 1: Matterials

You will need:

1x DC power source(3-24V)

0-4x alligator clip (0 if you can solder, 4 if you don't)

1x Sound Buzzer

1x Temperature Control Switch ("NO", not NC)

There are more than one type, if you need something different feel free to search for it. But it takes some time work, so you gonna need 95C type for 100C, 65C for 70C etc

1x ON-OFF switch(not necessary)

1x Stand

Step 2: The Circuit

You need to connect the red to red, black to black.

It doesn't matter where you put the switches, these things are designed for AC.

I put in the ON/OFF switch because the sound is annoying, and it's the fastest way to stop it.

The power source can be anything, between 3 and 24 volts, 3-4 AA battery, 9V battery or a 12V adapter
For AA batteries you will need a case like this:

Step 3: The Stand

As I said I put together an ugly, little stand, but It works.

I can't give you an instructable for the stand, because you may need a different one, because your kitchen looks different, or you have different bowls

Step 4: The Alarm

Some tips:

Loose the rubber thing from the clips, it can melt

If you make the stand form wood, make it big enough so it don't catch fire

Use more wire. If possible only the bi-metal switch be near the water, and fire, the battery may explode at high temp, and the buzzer can go wrong due to high humidity.I use it primary for tea making, and I like my tea at around 65-70C, that's why I could made it this compact

You can use NC bi-metal switch but you going to need a relay