Introduction: Cook a Poutine !

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I'm from Quebec and I always love the taste of a big good poutine! I've went to USA and never seem to find this kind of meal in restaurant... so here is my one of a kind Poutine recipe.

Step 1: Get Your Ingredients

1 - French Fry
2- Cheese (you can have small cube too)
3 - Poutin sauce...this is the hard part for anyone from Europe or even USA... but If you need some Poutine sauce recipe I found some on google.

4- My personnal favorite : Sausage (also called Dalton Poutine)

Step 2: Cook the French Fry

1- Put a layer (....or more...) of french fry on your cooking pan
2- Preheat the oven for 5 min
3- Put the french fry in the oven
4- Set the timer (see the french fry bag)

Step 3: Prepare the Sauce for Heating

1- Open the can
2- Put about half the can for 1 person in a micro-wavable bowl
3- Keep the rest in the fridge (in a closed bowl)

Step 4: Wait for About 4:30 on the French Fry Timer

Step 5: Start the Sauce Heating and Timer (about 4:30)

Step 6: At About 2mins Left Cook Add the Sausage

1- Take the fry out of the oven
2- Turn them a bit
3- Add the sausage
4- Reinsert in the oven

Step 7: When French Fry and Sauce Are Ready :

1- Remove the french fry + sausage from the oven
2- Remove the sauce from the micro-wave
3- Put the french fry + sausage in a bowl (or a plate..)
4- Add the cheese
5- Pour in the sauce