Introduction: Cookie Basket

Here is a cute hand made  cookie basket I sewed as a gift  for my neighbour, to  serve the cookies during this festival season.With the little scrap  of fabric you have, you can sew them in to any size you want. I had a felt piece of 8 1/2 inches in width  so I had to sew according to this measurment. This turned out to be  an ideal size and can  use not only for cookies,but for several other stuffs like bread ,buns etc.

The bottom felt has to be a little bit thicker than the side boarders.I have done scallops for the edges,if you like there is an option to sew beautiful scalloped 1/2 inch  lace around the edges.

I am pretty sure she is going to love this gift.

Step 1: Requirements

Fabric  of your choice 
Thread to match
Top pins
Mesuring tape
Silk thread for embroidery
Sewing Machine
Baby ribbon
 A4 paper
Marker pen

Step 2: Template

I got four  used (one side) A4 paper and glued them to gether. Draw a square of 8 1/2"x8 1/2" .From the line  mesure 2 1/4" out from all sides and draw  another box.Cut out right round the square on the  outer line.This is the template for the cookie basket.

I used the marker pen for the photographs.If you want you can skip this.

Step 3: Cut Fabric

I had a fabric piece of 29"x17" and the width of the brown  felt I had was 8 1/4".That is why I decided to make this size.Any way this is an ideal size for the table.
Fold the fabric in to two the right side facing inwards.Place the template over pin it, and cut the fabric.

Step 4: Tracing

Place the cut out fabric along with the pinned template over the carbon  right side facing upwads  and  trace out the 8 1/2"x8 1/2" square on to the fabric.Remove the template away and pin both pieces together ,then  trace out the other side of the fabric too.

Step 5: Place Felt and Sew

Mark the fold as A and B.Now cut out one piece of  thick felt for the middle to the exact size of the square 8 1/2"x 8 1/2".This piece of felt  has to be a little bit thicker..Do not use soft  felt for the middle.Sew a straight stitch on all four sides ( square) on the edge of the  brown felt,so that it is in place.

Now  cut out four pieces in the size of 2 1/4"x 8 1/2" for the sides.Place them on the  sides of the square.Sew a  a stright stitch on all sides ( square) on the white felt.

Fold the fabric exactly on the middle marked A and B.Well since the felt is brown color  it shows up on the lighter colored fabric.
I did not want to spend extra for this,as I wanted to use up the brown here is an idea to cover up the brown color.Place a white piece of fabric on top of it.

Ha! that solves the problem!!
If you have matching felt for your fabric you can skip this.

Step 6: Sew

Once you fold them together pin on all sides so that it is in place. .Then do a straight stitch on all sides on  the fabric (at the edge of the brown square felt)

The same way do a straight stitch all round the suqare on  the fabric on top of the white felt.

The space  between the two stitches is 1/4 inches for the sides to fold up.I have marked in black and red  X
Now from the outer stitch mark 2" for the scallop.

Step 7: Scallop and Ribbon

I used yellow silk thread for the top and yellow cotton thread for the bottom and sewed the scallop right round the square.
Take enough time and slowly cut out the scallop edges with an embroidery scissors.If you cut the scallop  thread it  will start coming out.So be careful.
Mark exactly 90 deg and sew the ribbons on the edge on all four sides.

Tie the bows...

Step 8: Ta Da!

Tie the bows on all four sides,place a tissue on it and serve the home made cookies..

Don't you think it is a cute admirable worthy gift ?

Thank you for taking time to view my beautiful cookie basket .
Cast your vote if this touches your heart and you like it  :)

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