Introduction: Cookie Bra

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Surprise the man of your heart with this sweet and easy to make, cookie-bra!

Sure to be appreciated :)


Step 1: Mold of Your Chest

use plasterstrips to get an imprint of your chest - you want the bra the right size.
I'm not showing that step, due I don't want to see my chest on the internet ;)
- i'm sure you'll figure out how to do that.
Instructions are found on the package of the plasterstrips.

When the imprint is dry cover it with aluminiumfoil.

Step 2: Cookie - Dough

you can use all cookie doughs that can be used with cookiecutters.

the recipe I used:

0,5 egg
125g flour
62g sugar
62g butter
1Tablespoon Cocoapowder
1 teaspoon vanillasugar
1 little bit bakingpowder

and for flavour 2 tablespoons of instant cappuccino

Step 3: Forming and Baking

Form the cups of the bra on your covered mold.

make sure to make it evenly thick - about 0,5 cm

bake it on 200°C for about 10minutes ( may vary with another recipe)

Step 4: Decorating

at this point you can get as creative as you want :)

Here's what I did:
melt some white choclate in the still warm oven
spread it with a clean brush on the warm bra.

mix some white chocolate with cacoa-powder
and paint whatever you like :)

brush some chocolate on the edge of the bra and sprinkle it with chocolate-pieces

let everything cool down.

Step 5: Unmold

carefully peel the foil of the mold

take a corkskrew and make holes to join the two cups in the middle - be very careful!

tie the cups together with a nice lace or string.

Your done!

Step 6: Serve and Enjoy :)

Now surprise your beloved one and have a nice cup of tea!
- Or whatever you like  :D

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