Introduction: Cookie-Cutter Rubber Seal Replacement

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Have you ever gone to repair something just to find out it needs a new rubber seal, gasket or o-ring? I know I have. This problem is further complicated if the rubber piece in question is an odd size or shape.

Good luck finding a replacement in the hardware store or even through the original manufacturer. Times like this call for a little ingenuity and craftiness. Enter the Cookie-Cutter Sugru Method.

What You Need:
1) Sugru
2) Wax Paper (optional, but it helps the Sugru not to touch food-prep surfaces)
3) Rolling Pin
4) Toothpicks or Kebab Sticks (same thickness as you intend your seal to be)
5) Cookie Cutters or Scissors

Step 1: Preparation

Cut two pieces of wax paper; one for the top and one for the bottom.
Place them on a flat surface like a cutting board.

Step 2: Forming & Curing

Make a ball of Sugru large enough so that when it flattens out, it will cover an area large enough for your rubber seal. Some experimentation might be needed to find just the right amount.

Place the Sugru between the two sheets of wax paper and then on either side, place two toothpicks or kebab skewers (anything which is the same thickness as your intended rubber seal will work). The idea here is that when you pass over the Sugru with your rolling pin, the toothpicks will let the rolling pin form an even thickness across the entire surface of the Sugru.

Now, let the Sugru cure over night. Sugru recommends a full 24 hours curing time.

Step 3: Cutting

Once the Sugru has fully cured, choose from a variety of cutting methods to give your seal it's final shape. You can use anything from scissors to a hobby knife. I chose to use two cookie cutters. One is slightly smaller than the other.

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