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I am randomly in need of something to send with my wife to work for a holiday party, and I was tired of my typical brownies (however, amazing they might be). After a bit of searching, I stumbled across a recipe for chocolate chip cookie dough truffles. I really liked the idea behind it, but I thought that it could use some improvement. After a few attempts at perfecting the recipe, I think it's as good as it's going to be - at least coming from me!

Step 1: Ingredients

The original recipe I found was basically just standard chocolate chip cookie dough dipped in chocolate. This would be OK, except there are a few things in dough that shouldn't be consumed raw. On top of that, I have altered the amounts of things so that eating a few of these isn't quite so unhealthy.

3/4 Cup White Sugar
3/4 Cup Brown Sugar
1 Stick of Butter, Softened
1/3 Cup Milk
1 Tablespoon Vanilla
2 1/2 Cups Flour
Chocolate Bark

1 Cup Chocolate Chips
1 Cup Peanut Butter Chips
1 Cup Chopped Almonds (or other nut)

Step 2: A Sweet Start

Soften the stick of butter and combine with the sugars in a large bowl. Be careful not to actually melt the butter - it should still be a solid, just...soft. Beat these things together in the bowl by hand or a low speed mixer until the mixture is light and fluffy.

Add the vanilla and milk to the sugar/butter mixture and lightly blend by hand.

Step 3: Flour and More

Stir in the flour and mix by hand or a mixer on low speed until everything is well incorporated.

This is the optional part... Now is a good time to add in anything you want to be in the dough such as chocolate chips or nuts.

Step 4:

Cover and place the entire bowl of dough in the refrigerator for an hour to chill.

While you are waiting, you can clean the dough off of the beaters/spoon. Don't be afraid to eat it; remember, there are no raw eggs!

When you are done with that, line a cookie sheet with wax paper and wait patiently. 

Step 5: Frozen Dough Balls!

The dough needs to be firm enough to handle without sticking to your fingers. Lightly flouring your hands may help with this step.

Form one inch balls with the dough and place on the cookie sheet. The size of the balls can vary, but be careful not to make them too big.

When this is done, place the cookie sheet in the freezer for an additional 30 minutes. ( I know, I know - go check your email or something) Trust me, you want these things to be pretty cold for the next step.

Step 6: My Coat Is Made of Chocolate

When the dough is plenty chilled, start to melt the chocolate by whatever means your packaging suggests or you are comfortable with. I place a couple of chunks in a small microwave bowl and heat it up little bits of time (15 - 45 seconds), stirring and reheating until completely melted. I prefer to use a small bowl so it is easier to dip for coating and less chocolate is wasted.

Next, dip each ball into the molten chocolate and return it to the cookie sheet. I suggest using a fork or a pair of toothpicks to dip the balls and place them on the cookie sheet.

When you are done, return the cookie sheet(s) to the freezer to harden the chocolate coating. The truffles can then be kept in the refrigerator until they are all gone - trust me, they will be eaten long before they go bad!

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