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Introduction: Cookie Wall Art

About: I make cake for my friends and family occasionally as a hobby. I also enjoy crocheting.

My cookie wall art is completely edible, but I think it is too pretty to eat  ;)

I made this cookie wall art to serve a few purposes. First of all  it  served as a pretty decoration for my  holiday cookie exchange. Second, the guests at the party were allowed to take a cookie directly off the wall to take home as a party favor and third I  made more trays full to give to family members as gifts.

I used the same recipe as I did in this instructable...  Kids Coloring Cookies.

Step 1: You Will Need...

sugar cookies recipe
cutters of your choice
gumpaste/ fondant
impression mat or stamp of your choice
luster dust
food safe paintbrush
royal icing
piping gel
assorted serving trays(I got the medium sized one at the 99 cents only store and the other 2 at a thrift store)
Command™ Medium Picture Hanging Strips
dragees (optional)
rolling pin and mat

Step 2: First of All

Bake your sugar cookies.Be sure to use the same cutter for the cookies and the fondant/ gumpaste.  
I used gumpaste because that is what I had on hand. But you could use fondant. Start off by rolling out your gumpaste/fondant  to about 1/4 inch thick. Press your impression mat or stamp into the gumpaste/fondant. If you are using fondant you may need to dust the stamp with a little powdered sugar so that it will release a little easier. Continue stamping it until you have enough stamped to cut out your cookie cutters. Cut out the shape of your desired  cookie cutter. Repeat until you have all that you need.

*the metal cookie cutters make cleaner cuts
*if you use plastic cookie cutters like i did you may need to smooth out the edges of each one
*sprinkle a tiny bit of powdered sugar or cornstarch on your mat before you roll out the gumpaste/fondant

Step 3:

Take your luster dust and gently dust it on with your food safe paint brush until you are happy with the color. I usually dip the brush in and then tap it gently in the lid to take off a little of the excess powder.repeat this with all the colors and shapes that you want to do. I also decided to paint some stripes on the candy canes using edible airbrush paint.

Step 4:

To attach the fondant/gumpaste to the cookie, simply brush on some piping gel. Then place the fondant/gumpaste on the cookie.

If you choose to put some dragees  on, just place them where you want them. Using a pair of tweezers pick one up at a time and put a tiny dot of piping gel (as glue)then place the dragee back on. 

Step 5: Final Touches

Now that all of your cookies are decorated place them on your serving trays and arrange them how you want, then just take some royal icing in a piping bag and squeeze a little out onto the cookie and place back on your tray. Don't put too much  so you see it gushing out the back, but you need to make sure that it is "glued" well so they don't fall off the tray when you hang it on your wall.Let dry at least overnight.

Decide where on your wall that you want your trays to be. First attach the command strips on your trays then do what the instructions tell you to do and place on your wall. I hope you have fun with this.   :)

If you don't want to put them on your wall you can also get a stand like I have in the picture. (I think it is to display decorative plates or something)

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Okay, I must have been sleeping under a rock for the past umpteen years. A stamp on dough, then cut with a cookie cutter. This. Is. Fabulous! I love, love, love this!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Lol :) thank you

    But just to be clear, I stamped into fondant/gumpaste.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I super love it! I think the next time michaels has a good coupon , I'm going to look for an awesome textured stamp! And urs fit perfectly onto your sugar cookies, which means that u made them perfectly and they didn't expand! Plus - I love ur photography!!! :-D


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Wow. Thank you. That is such a nice comment. I love it too. And thank you for the photography tips.:)