Introduction: Cookie Cutter Zombears

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Here they are: Zombie cookie cutter bears!
Have fun making these ghoulish looking deddy bears.

Step 1: Materials Needed

Pliers: curved nose, cutting, and looping
Polymer clay: black, green, red and white
Fimo liquid deco gel (with red food coloring)
Cotton Swab
20 gauge wire
jump rings
earring hooks
Cookie Cutters: 2 inch tallBear shape, 0.5 inch circle, and 1.25 inch circle

Step 2: Flatten Your Clay

Flatten just enough clay to cut two bears to 0.5 cm

Step 3: Remove the Head

Now with the large circle cutter remove part of the head.
(you can do this)

Step 4: Red Clay

Next flatten some red clay
Take the bear cookie cutter and cut just the head portion of the clay. Use the large circle and remove a corner piece of the head
Now channel your inner Dr. Frankenstein and attach both pieces together!

Step 5: Piece Em Together

Start by punching a hole in the bread basket and part of the arm using the 0.5 small circle cutter. Next roll out some red clay and stuff it in the small hole you just punched out. Now take some white clay and make a little bone and attach it to the arm socket you removed.

Step 6: Stiching Time

Roll out some black clay and cut them a cm each (cut 9 pieces).
Attach them to the red and green parts of the head like stiches.

Step 7: Eyelets

Now lets make 2 eyelets(2cm) long  with the 20 gauge wire
Once you've made them, insert them into the head.

Step 8: Bloody Them Up!

Now for the final step: add 2 drops of red food coloring to the liquid clay mix well and apply to all the red clay.
Bake for 30 minutes at 250 degrees
Once cooled add your jump rings and earring hooks and that's it! Enjoy your creepy cool zombear earrings!

Step 9:

Zombie Contest

Second Prize in the
Zombie Contest