Cookies N Cream Supreme

Introduction: Cookies N Cream Supreme

I first made this cold, delectable dessert drink years ago for a friends house party.
Tired of beer and bitter mixed drinks, I raided the kitchen to experiment and created this refreshing concoction.

It was a huge hit, and by the time we ran out of ice cream,
we were too affected by our over-indulgence of  this sweet treat to go to the store for more!

Best described as an alcoholic version of a cookies and cream milkshake infused with coffee flavor, grown-ups will love sipping glass after glass of this adult version of their childhood favorite.

Step 1:


* 3-4 cups Cookies and Cream ice cream
(May be substituted with Cookies and Cream frozen yogurt)

* About 5 frozen milk cubes (frozen chocolate milk cubes work too)

* 1/3 cup of milk

* 3 shots Kahlua coffee liquor

* 3 shots Amaretto liquor

* 3 shots Baileys cream liquor

* Oreo cookie crumbles

* Whipped cream

* Chocolate or Hazelnut Syrup

* Brown granular sugar (such as Sugar in the Raw)

Makes about 4 medium sized glasses with approximately 10-14% alcohol content.
Ingredient amounts can be altered to suit taste or consistency preference.


Ice-crushing blender (A frozen margarita making machine should work okay too)

Long, tall teaspoon

Ice tray for freezing milk cubes

A ziplock bag for crushing cookies in (if pre-crumbled isn't available)

Tall serving glasses

Your party hat and a smile!

Step 2: Blending the Drinks

* Put Oreo cookies into the ziplock bag and crunch them up with one of your bottles (or a rolling pin if available)
Set this aside.

* Combine ice cream first + milk + milkcubes into the blender.

* Pour in your liquors.

* Blend on high until grainy, then set blender to low-speed for 1-2 minutes til smooth.

* Take each serving glass and trickle the syrup(s) of your choice in an up-down motion on the insides of the glass.
Chocolate syrup alone looks the best, but adding Hazelnut syrup gives an extra pizazz.
If you're having a hard time making a pretty chocolate waterfall effect down the sides of the glass, the long teaspoon can be used as a design aid.

* Fill each glass about 1/2 to 2/3 of the way with the ice cream blend.

* Top with whipped cream.

* Sprinkle the brown sugar and crushed cookie bits on top of the whipped cream.

* Add straw and serve.
If drink is a thick consistency, the tall tea spoons are perfect to serve with it instead.

Enjoy this adult drink responsibly, because it's ALWAYS stronger than what you think it is. The alcohol taste disappears.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    This will be my new favorite after dinner drink. I cannot wait to make this!