Introduction: Cookies and Milk

how to make easy cookies and milk on Tinkercad!



Step 1: Getting Cookies Ready

first get a cylinder in the basic shapes then adjust the width and height to how big you want your cookie to be.

Step 2: Chocolate

Next get squares and and make them brown for the chocolate chips adjust size and angle to make them look like chocolate chips. then group and click check on multicolored.

Step 3: More Cookies

repeat the steps for the 1st cookie for the 2nd then. Then you change the angle of the second cookie to where it looks like it's leaning

Step 4: Milk

get another cylinder make it bigger and cup shaped and make another one bigger but not bigger then the cup and make it hole then group and change the color. then make another cylinder and make it bigger so it will fit in the cup that's the milk and finally add the straw.

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