Introduction: Cooking Sunny Side Up Eggs

In this indestructible I will be going over how to make quick and simple over easy eggs using a stove top. This should take no longer than ten minutes.

Step 1: Prepare Ingredients and Equipment

You will need the following:


Pan and a lid that fits either ontop or on the inside

Cooking spray/ butter

Stove with burner

Caution stove will be hot and will cause burns so be careful and safe when stove is on.

Step 2: Prepare Stove

Place the pan on top of the burner and turn the stove onto medium heat.

Step 3: Wait for Stove to Warm

Depending on your stove it may take 2-3 minutes for the pan to be hot enough.

Step 4: Cooking Spray

Spray the pan covering the bottom of the pan.

Step 5: Cracking Eggs

Crack your eggs carefully trying to avoid shells falling into the pan and any spills on the stove top.

Step 6: Cook Time

The eggs should only take about a minute or two. You should notice the bottom of the eggs cooked once seen its time for the lid.

Step 7: The Lid

For this part your going to need a small amount of water somewhere around a table spoon. The exact amount of watter wont matter much as long as just add a small amount as shown. Place the water inside the lid.

Step 8: Flipping Lid

Carefully tip the lid onto the pan so that none of the water spills.

Step 9: Wait for Eggs to Cook

Depending on the heat and water used it typically should take only 1 minute possible 2 minutes. During this time the water is evaporating and causing the tops of the eggs to cook. If eggs are still runny put lid back on and heat longer, but beware that if the eggs are left under for too long the egg yolks will start to cook and turn into solids.

Step 10: Inspect Eggs

take lid off and inspect eggs, if they look cooked without any liquid you are finished. If not put lid back on and check 20 seconds after, you may need to get more water if you let all the evaporator out.

Step 11: Plate

If you have not already turned the stove top off do so now. You can now finally place your finished over easy eggs onto your plate.

Step 12: Enjoy!

Enjoy eating your delicious over easy eggs! Don't forget to clean any messes made while cooking.