Introduction: Cooking Frozen Chicken...

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I don't like to waste things. I also don't like throwing things away because they get old. Cooking frozen chicken breasts for your meal is easy and I don't have to worry about fresh chicken going bad. I also have kids... so I tended to get distracted and burn the chicken to a crisp, now I don't burn my meat.

Part one: Pan with lid (I used a plate for a long time when I didn't have a pan with a lid)
If you don't have a lid do all the same things in a bigger pan/pot, same idea)

Part two: In the pan put some water (about half to one inch deep), Pinch of salt (raises the boiling point of water so the food cooks better) and the chicken (yes right from the freezer, hard as a rock)
*(This is when I put in a blob or two of teriyaki sauce for my teriyaki chicken)

Step 1: More Frozen Chicken Cooking

Part three: turn heat to high, put on lid and wait. 10 min, 15 min, 20 min doesn't really matter as long as there is water in the pan your all good. (I have done 30 min)

Part four A: If you are impatient, like me, when you can stick a fork through the center take out the chicken and cut it into strips or little chunks, whatever you want then put back in the pan with enough water to cover the bottom of the pan. Turn up the heat. Smaller pieces will cook faster... again doesn't really matter how long 5, 10 min.

Part four B: After it's cooked drain out water. add seasoning you like depending on what you are doing and your done.

Trick I discovered: When the chicken is all done and I go to add my Mexican seasoning... the seasoning would just clump to a few pieces and not spread around. Add a little water, just enough to moisten things up and put the lid on, this will loosen up the seasonings and spread them around. Try it you'll like it. Low heat.

Tip: This also works for hamburger. Use more water with hamburger and the fat will rise to top and be drained off with water. Makes healthier hamburger.