Introduction: Cooking a Fish in Newspaper

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Cooking fish in newspaper takes very little effort if you've got some good coals.  It's essentially steam cooked, so very healthy to cook on an open fire.

It's something we've done with the scouts as backwoods cooking. A more authentic backwoods technique would be to use green leaves (such as spring greens)

But newspaper, whilst not being something you can easily scavenge in the woods (and if you do find newspaper, you're probably best to stay away from it and not cook food, who knows what it's been used for...) it is something you can get for free.

We also use a bit of greaseproof paper - this stops the print getting onto the fish.

You'll also need a fish, string (optional) and water! A bowl to soak it in would be good too!

Step 1: Harvest Natures Bounty

Get your line and rod and get fishing! Look at the beauty we caught at the local supermarket. Also, it was gutted and a good size for our newspaper.

Give the gutted fish a rinse under cold water!

Step 2: Wrap Your Fish

Lay the fish on the grease proof paper. Roll it. Fold up the ends and tie it up with string. You don't have to tie up the ends, but it stops the fish slipping out.

Roll the fish and grease proof paper wrap in newspaper.

Step 3: Soak Well

One you've rolled it up, soak the paper in water until it's properly soaked.

Let others have a go (one of our scouts wrapping some fish!)

Step 4: Cook!

The fish does take a lot longer than other methods - but there's no mess you can't burn at the end!

Lay the fish on embers - we were using charcoal on this occasion. But it can easily be done on wood, just make sure it's burnt down to embers!

The fish needs between 15-20 minutes on each side.

I have heard you can continue to soak the fish through the process. You probably wouldn't do this with leaves and you don't need to do it.

Step 5: Unwrap, Check and Serve

Take the roll from the fire - ideally with a pair of tongs.

Unwrap the fish in the reverse way you assembled it. Scissors help to cut the string if you used it.

Check the fish is the same colour throughout. If it looks translucent, it needs longer. You can rewrap and resoak if necessary. Relax, it's a gentle process.

When it's done eat whilst it's hot!

If you like this scouty backwards technique, try making campfire twists. You can make campfire twists and cook them whilst your fish is cooking (though it can get a bit smokey)

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