Introduction: Cool Car Thing

This is a car that I randomly built in my spare time and wanted to share, enjoy!

Step 1: First Find a Regular Car Base

Step 2: Then You Need a 2 by 3 Block and a 1 by 4 Flat

Color doesn't matter

Step 3: Then You Need Two Sets of Wheels (I'm Using Train Wheels B/C They're Cooler)

Step 4: Get a Flat 4 by 6 and Put Wheels in the Middle

Step 5: Get a 3 by 2 Flat and a 2 by 1 Flat and Place Like This

Step 6: Now Get Two Flat Topped 1 by 2 Flats and Two 1 by 2 Bricks (place Like Shown)

Step 7: Attach Like So

Step 8: Now Get These Materials

Step 9: Assemble As Shown

Step 10: Add to Base

Step 11: Now You Need These Parts

Step 12: Assemble These Like This

Step 13: Now You Need a Chair and Control Pad Is Optional

Step 14: Now You Need These Parts Assembled Like This

Step 15: You Need These Parts and Assemble Them Like This

Step 16: Attatch

Step 17: Need These Pieces Put Like This

Step 18: Now You Need These Cool Peices

Step 19: This Is Optional But You Need These and Put in Like This

Step 20: Enjoy