Introduction: "Cool Clothing" and Ice Forehead/Neck Wrap - Removeable Ice Pouches for Relief of Heat Sensitivity/Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms/Hot Flashes Etc.

There was a point when I felt HOT all of the time during a serious illness.  I searched for functional "cool clothing" that would allow me to get relief, with no success. A friend and I created pouches from scrap material to sew into tighter fitting tops that could be worn under a larger shirt. When home, no need to wear the outer shirt.  Once the pouches are sewn in, an insertable ice "patch" aka cryopak can be used with no leakage. What relief!

The forehead and neck wrap uses a piece of elastic to keep it in place (I have since seen one similar to this in pharmacies, but they can be expensive for as simple as they are to make). I didn't include instructions for this since I have seen it in the pharmacy--but the picture should be enough. These were meant to be functional, not fashionable, but you could certainly combine great material and functionality for both!!

Sewing with a sewing machine makes them durable. To begin, hand stitch and/or use velcro until you find the EXACT placement that gives YOU relief. I'm sure you'll find relief like I of luck!

Step 1: Materials and Tools Needed

1) Excercise/tank top(s) (close fitting tops/clothing).

2) Cryopak brand flexible ice blanket - available at K-mart, Target or online from Amazon etc. This is like strong, square bubble wrap with each bubble filled with water. You can cut it to size and it's bendable. (I've tried just about every other way to keep myself cool, like ice in baggies, etc. and found that it was worth it to purchase this great product. It is not expensive, either.

3) Scrap material for the pouch (cotton that's a bit stretchy works best; you could even use an old sock to create a "ready made pouch" if you have difficulty using scissors or sewing. It's also a great way to recycle :)...get creative!

4) Needle and thread 

5) Velcro strips (sticky back) for attaching/removing the pouch; when you determine the size of pouch(es) you need and best placement, a sewing machine works best to secure the pouch by "tacking" or sewing the velcro in place. Fabric adhesive may also be used.

6) Scissors

7) Ruler (I like to "eyeball" and don't tend to use a ruler)

8) Pen or other marker

Step 2: Step 2 - Place, Measure and Cut the Material/Fabric

Step 2 - Place, Measure and Cut the Material/Fabric

First, go put the cryopak in the freezer. Next, determine the placement of the pouch. By now you probably know where you feel hot. For me, it was around my sternum and moved up to my neck. I placed a pouch in the upper part of a workout top here for this Instructable. Place it where you need it.

Turn the top inside out. Place the extra material over the area and measure. I'm going to make a pouch approximately 6"x4". Cut the material to fit, but remember to add about 1/2 " for the the seam and the cryopak.  Notice I just folded the material "up" from the bottom so I would only have two side seams to sew.

You may want to add approximately an inch to the measurement if you would like to "stack" the cryopak. One sheet worked for me.

Step 3: Step 3 - Sew the Pouch

Step 3 - Sew the Pouch

Turn the material inside out. Again, notice that I folded the material "up" so that I would have only two side seams to sew (one shown). The bottom is simply folded material. I used the hem of the original t-shirt to use as my finished hem at the top. No need to do more work than you have to! This is a picture of the finished pouch, turned right side out.

Step 4: Step 4 - Cut and Attach Velcro

Step 4 - Cut and Attach Velcro

Use the pouch or ruler to measure and then cut the velcro strips. Attach the velcro strips to the back of the pouch and to the clothing. The "loopy" velcro should be placed on the clothing.The "sticky" velcro will go on the pouch. Remember, you will need to sew or "tack" the velcro in place once you determine the best placement of the pouch for your needs.

Step 5: Step 5 - Measure and Cut Frozen Cryopak to Fit Pouch

Step 5 - Measure and Cut Frozen cryopak to Fit Pouch

Go get your frozen cryopak out of the freezer. Use the pouch or ruler to measure the frozen cryopak. Cut along the sealed edges of the cryopak making certain not to cut into the "bubbles."

Step 6: Step 6 - Insert Cryopak Into Pouch and Attach Pouch to Clothing

Step 6 - Insert cryopak into Pouch and Attach Pouch to Clothing

This step is self explanatory. The picture says it all.

Step 7: Step 7 - Put on Your Cool Clothing and Get Some Relief!

Step 7- Put on Your Cool Clothing and Get Some Relief!

Ok, admittedly it's kind of creepy that I just took a picture of my model's torso to show that the frozen cryopak doesn't really show through the clothing, much. My "model" is shy. :)  If for any reason you see leakage, you probably cut the actual bubble of water, but didn't notice it when it was frozen. If that happens, just cut another piece.

Enjoy and never give up! Here's to your health and Wellness!
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