Cool Helmet

Introduction: Cool Helmet

Indian teenager in Chennai came out with a cool solution to deal with a common trouble with helmets – suffocation under scorching sun. He fitted the helmet with fans to keep the head sweat free and a wiper for rains.

The helmet is powered by a 12 volt battery, which the inventor will replace with solar-energy. Rahul Shivakumar is an 18-year old boy who just passed his class XII exams from St. Thomas Mount School. He is passionate about engineering. He will soon be taking admission in an engineering course to pursue his passion. He was looking to buy a bike. What worried him was the compulsory traffic rule of wearing a headgear while riding a two-wheeler. In extreme hot conditions, wearing a helmet is a hell of a task. Usual vents provided in helmets mean nothing in scorching hot air. A majority of riders avoid helmets because of heat. People in India already feel repulsive for headgear while riding two-wheelers. The only reason they’ll wear a helmet is the fear of law, if any. Anyway, rainy season is also an enemy for all two-wheel riders. Worst, you can’t afford to close the pro-shield because rain drops won’t let see you thing. Shivakumar spent over $38 (Rs. 2,400) to achieve his wanted features – to fit small fans on the top and on the sides, besides two close to the visor. This helmet attends to both troubles with a fan and wiper. Shivakumar gave it to some of his friends for testing. He received positive reviews. Now, he is looking to replace the battery with solar power in his final model. In a place like Chennai, one can fetch plenty of sunlight and while wearing helmet, you are always outside on road. His project was sponsored by his father. Shivakumara has been a brilliant student. He had also won a medal at the Young Scientist India-2015 at Hindustan University. His field of interest is innovation and research. Via: The Hindu

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