Introduction: Cool Keyholder

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Do you sometimes forget your keys.If yes I'll show you how to make this cheap keyholder.This is my first instructabe,so please rank it.I'll show you how to make a cool keyholder from four piece of rope or anything you want to use.
I'm using four piece of nylon ropes which my mum uses to hang clothes.

Step 1: Gathering and Tying

Gather the four pieces of ropes.I'm using 30 cm ones.Tie them up using an elastic.

Step 2: Starting

This will be the tricky part.I you're getting confuse just look at the pics.Seperate each rope to make a cross sign.Make two loops with the two green ropes.put the blue ropes in the loops in front of them one by one.Tighten the four ropes by pulling on each rope.This procedure I'll call it spuare base.

Continue until you reach the desired length .

Step 3: Finishing the Keychain

Put a ring like in the picture.Then make a spuare base like in step 3.Tighten it and cut off the excess.

Step 4: Spiral Type

To make a spiral type one,Do the procedure of the square base.Then send the blue ropes diagonally.Send the green ropes in the blue loops one by one.This procedure will be called spiral base.

Tighten and continue until you reach the desired lengh.Put a ring as in step 3 and do a square base.Tighten and cut off the excess rope.

There it is.Your very own keychain.