Introduction: Cool Mac OS X Leopard Tricks!

Ever wonder how to do certain things on a Mac that you can do on a PC, but since you switched over, couldn't do? Or have you ever wondered how to stop certain annoying things on your mac?

In this instructable, I'm going to explain how to do some cool tricks.

This is my first instructable, so please, if you notice anything that can be improved, please tell me.

Step 1: How to Add the File Path to the Top of the Finder Window.

Copy this into Terminal:

defaults write _FXShowPosixPathInTitle -bool YES
killall Finder

Hit return.

Step 2: How to Stop the Dock Icon From Bouncing.

If you want to stop the dock icon from bouncing when an application is starting up, go into the dock system preferences and unselect the box that says "Animate opening applications."

You know how when an application wants to get your attention, it bounces up and down really high? It's annoying, isn't it! To disable this, type this into Terminal:

defaults write no-bouncing -bool TRUE
Hit return.

Then type
killall Dock
and hit return.

Step 3: Move Icons on the Taskbar.

This is a really simple step.

To move the icons on the taskbar, simply hold the Command key while dragging the icons. This only works on system icons, not ones for third party apps.

I would have included a picture, but it's kind of hard, as Grab doesn't capture the mouse pointer.

Step 4: Use GeekTool to Display Stats.

First, download GeekTool from Then install it. Then you can use various unix commands to display pretty much whatever you want on your desktop.
Here are some examples: Time: date "+%l:%M %p"
Date: date +%d
Day: date +%A
Month: date +%B
Memory: top -l 1 | awk '/PhysMem/ {print "Used: " $8 " Free: " $10}'
Uptime: uptime