Cool Mac Wallpaper

Introduction: Cool Mac Wallpaper

About: 13 years old...

This guide will show you a step by step on how to create a fully working (interactive) wallpaper for your mac computer.

Hope you enjoy, it's my first instructables.

I am 13 years old.


Step 1: What Apps and Folders Do You Want?

Drag each and every application and folder that you want to be in your iPhone wallpaper.

Step 2: Choose Your Icons

Go to and pick each application and folder that you dragged to your desktop and download it as ICNS (It should be downloaded to your downloads folder).

Step 3: Edit Your IPhone Wallpaper

If you want a custom wallpaper with an iPhone then follow steps: 4-5.

If you want the same wallpaper I have then download this image and go to step 6

Step 4: Custom Wallpaper With an IPhone

Download the iPhone image that you want that are attached to this step. Download the wallpaper that you want from the internet.

Step 5: Editing Your Wallpaper

Go to your preferred editing software for images and paste the iPhone image to your wallpaper. Save the image as JPEG to a folder.

Step 6: Set the Image As the Desktop Wallpaper

Set the image as the desktop wallpaper and you are done!!

Step 7: Switch the Icons

To switch the app and folder icons right click the folder or app and select "Get info". Now drag the .ICNS photo to the icon in the upper corner of the "Get info" tab. Repeat this step to all the apps and folders that you want to be in the iPhone.

Step 8: Arrange

Right click anywhere in the desktop and select sort by --> none.

Arrange the apps and folders in the iPhone.


Step 9: Finished Product

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