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Introduction: Cool Party Hat From Scratch

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You can make so many amazing things from PAPER, including wonderful and attractive gifts. You can, with the help of PAPER, transform a bland idea into a never-thought-of-gift!

This Party Hat is made completely from scratch but you can buy a pre-made paper party hat to decorate.

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Step 1: Paper Ingredients

You will need:

Cardboard paper - any colour

simple brown paper

scissors, pencil, white craft glue, and a craft knife

plastic animal figurines - found at any dollar store

elastic or ribbon

hot glue gun

paper hat template - easily found on the internet

Step 2: Lets Start!

Trace your template on the cardboard. I used an old paper hat that I disassembled. Make it larger or smaller at the bottom of the tracing.

Cut out your paper hat.

Step 3: Assembling the Paper Hat

Use a piece of thick cardboard and a craft knife to make a cut.

Gently curve the paper hat and slide the cutout pice into the cut. The seam may not be perfect, but we will be covering it with strips of paper.

Step 4: How to Make the Hat Stay on the Head?

You can use an elastic or two pieces of ribbon to use as fasteners.

My elastic is about 14 inches long, but it depends on who will wear it.

Staple two ends of elastic or one end of a ribbon to the sides of the base of the paper hat. Make sure that you staple to the sides.

Use tape to reinforce the back "seam" and the stapled elastics.

Step 5: Adding PAPER Effects

Tear up the brown paper and use white craft glue to glue strips to the paper hat. It will cover the back "seam"and the staples. At the base, fold and glue the paper under to make an even edge.

Of course, I want this to inspire you, so please reimagine this in your own way. Use bright coloured paper or no top paper at all.

Step 6: Making TINY Animal Party HATS

Since all figurines vary in size-you can use bigs ones or smaller ones - you really must adjust the hat to the animal.

The basic idea :

Trace a small circle. Draw a basic party hat shape freehand. Don't forget to draw a small rectangle that sticks out to glue the hat to the animal head. Try the hat on the animal model, if it is too big, make it smaller.

Step 7: Making TINY Animal Party HATS: Part 2

Cut out small hats using the first one as a template.

Use hot glue to glue the two ends together.

Now attach the party hats to the animals, by putting a small dab of hot glue on the projecting rectangle and gluing it to the side of the animals neck.

See the last photos on how it will look/

Step 8: Attach Animals to the Party Hat

Glue, using hot gun, animals to the party hat. You can decorate it with a whole zoo of animals or with just one.

You can see, that I cut off the base of the rooster so it will fit smoothly on top of a sheep pyramid.

Step 9: Let Your Imagination Run WILD WITH PAPER!

Simple dollar-store pompons was what I chose to decorate the hat with, but I really believe that you can't make two identical party hats!

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    4 years ago

    A party hat with animals on it wearing party hats is pretty darn cute :)


    Reply 4 years ago