Introduction: Cool Re-Usable LED Light-Bulb

Hello fellow makers! If you have a burnt-out light-bulb lying around don't throw it away! It's bad for the environment and you would be missing out on this cool, fun, and useful project. So read on and make fellow Makers! WARNING: This project does involve glass and it should be handled with caution. Do not drop and break the bulb like I did.

Step 1: Getting Supplies

You will need for this project,

  1. Spare short wires
  2. Soldering Tools
  3. LED light (I got mine from a Raspberry Pi Deluxe kit)
  4. 3 Volt battery
  5. Empty light-bulb (You can look up how to clean one and come back)
  6. Clear liquid silicone *optional but recommended*

Step 2: Soldering

First, you will want to solder the wires onto the LED. I recommend you put a slightly longer wire on the positive side; it will help later on. (I learned the hard way.)

Step 3: Make the Base (the Hardest Step)

I had a nice cork lying around so I decided to use that for my base. I taped the battery onto the cork positive side up with the negative wire underneath it. I then taped some aluminum foil onto the cork and I made sure that it was touching the side of the battery. This is important! That way the positive current goes through the foil and into the positive wire. I also made sure there was an aluminum foil tab coming off the side. Finally I taped around the whole thing to secure all the wires in place. If you touch the positive wire onto the foil and the LED lights up you have done it correctly.

Step 4: Adding Silicone Designs *optional But Recommended*

To do this simply put the silicone onto the bulb any way you like. Design to your hearts content! (Or until you have no more silicone.)

Step 5: Place the Bulb Onto the Base

Do this by cutting 4 slits around the bottom of the bulb. Then bend the metal up so you can fit your base in. Tighten it if you must.

Step 6: Enjoy! *Optional*

Viola the bulb is complete! Turn the lights off and the bulb on and enjoy it hanging or standing! If you had trouble you could watch the video I made. (I apologize for the bad filming and my SUPER annoying voice.)

Step 7: Thank You!

If you have any problems, concerns, you found a way to make it better, or simply decide to show me your work of art, feel free to comment! (Bonus points for making a steam-punk version as I love steam-punk.) I will try to answer all comments but if I don't just know that I have at least read your comment. So keep on making Makers and stay frosty! :)