Introduction: Cool Skateboard

Skateboarding, which evolved from surfing in the late 1950s and early 1960s, has become a popular sport today.

As we all know, skateboarding is the ancestor of the history of extreme sports, many of the extreme sports are extended by the skateboarding project.

As an extreme sport, skateboard safety and challenge is extremely important, so we have created a collection of safe and reliable, cool appearance, strong bounce and so on in one skateboard, let's go and have a lookat!!!

Cool Skateboard's features:

NO1.Cool folding for easy portability and storage!

NO2.Cool Bouncer, Strong Buffering and Protection!

Step 1: Bottom Plate Production

First, let's place a square with a size of 45 x 20 x 1and a color designedified in blue.

Designed to fit the size of small box as folding block, this long strip can be folded up, easy for us to store and hang!

Position the right-sized two-and-a-half cylinders as the front and rear wings of the skateboard and align them with the base plate, then group them into individual objects.

Let it come as our skateboard sole!

Step 2: Anti-slip Pad Design

Then, copy and move up0.05 mm, and reduce it appropriately, then change to red, unpacking.

The folding blocks are aligned with the semi-cylinder and designed to be black, then combined with the red box and the other blue semi-cylinder group, allowing it to make our anti-slip pad.

Step 3: Assembly

Ungroup the base plate, then align the semi-cylinder with the folding block, then rotate it up and down at an angle, then align the group ingend with the front of the long base plate, and the rear side is the same.

Aligning the combined soleplate with the non-slip pad and retaining color makes our skateboard more beautiful!

Step 4: Text Retouching

Design the text white "YES"and green "verycool"to fit theright size on the placement of anti-slip pads grouped into an object.

Step 5: Set the Wheels

Set the ring to the right size and copy to four.

Combined with the long axis, as shown in the figure.

Step 6: Design a Bouncer

To increase the bounce of the skateboard, we can add a buffer above the skateboard, which, as shown, can help our petals bounce better!!!

Step 7: Assembly Complete

Bring the skateboard to the right height so that it is successfully combined with the wheels.Then complete assembly!

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