Introduction: Cool Speaker Modification

This is how to turn a old portable DVD player and a speaker into a tv ( I say a tv but its technically a screen with RGB input) now please be 'nice' as this is my first Instructable and i am entering it into the art of sound contest so please vote! any comments would be appreciated

You will need:

a old speaker ( big enough to fit your portable DVD player into)
a portable DVD player with a line in cable
sticky back plastic with a colour or pattern on it
screw drivers (of different sizes for the different screws)
a drill
a jigsaw or hacksaw (jigsaw will give a neater cut)
white board marker
hot melt glue gun and sticks
Stanley knife

and finally a working pair of hands

Step 1: Step 1

first we need to open up the portable dvd player now all portable dvd players are not the same so i couldn't tell you how to open it up so you are going have to use some common sense

Step 2: Step 2

once you have opened it up you can remove the disc reader by simply cutting the wire leading from the reader to the circuit board

Step 3: Step 3

draw around the lcd screen display in white board marker (for the guide when cutting around)

Step 4: Step 4

drill holes in each corner and then cut along the line with your jigsaw or hacksaw and you should end up with this.....

Step 5: Step 5

now we need to glue the lcd screen and circuit board in with a hot melt glue gun

Then you need to cut the wire off the built in crappy speaker and wire it to the speaker the lcd's inside .....

And you should have something like this...

Step 6: Step 6

next you need to switch the portable DVD player to input and plug in the necessary wires

Step 7: Step 7

Now cover you're speaker tv in sticky back plastic being careful to not leave air bubbles!

Then cut out the screen area with a Stanley knife

Step 8: Step 7

And wolla you're done ...

You could add some led's or something to give it the extra touch or make it on a bigger scale and please post to show me what you made ......

Thanks, Dillon
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