Introduction: Cool Star Nightlight

Quick, Easy, Fun nightlight that will project a stary night onto the walls and ceiling.


  • A wide mouth jar
  • Scissors
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Light source, LED candle, Battery powered String lights. (We tried to use a candle on this one but it didn't work out)
  • Sharp pointed knife or pen

Step 1: Wrap Outside of Jar in Foil

This will make sure our foil will line the entire inside of the jar.

Step 2: Poke Holes in Foil

Take the section of foil that you measured out by wrapping the jar and poke holes into using a knife or pencil. If you would like to you could create some kind of design with the holes. We just poked randomly.

Step 3: Roll Foil Loosely and Insert Into Jar

Roll the foil as loosely as possible and slide into the jar. Cut off any excess from the top so that the foil will fit neatly into the jar. Make sure that the more reflective side is facing inward (the shinier side). We used a pair of tongs to help open the foil to line the inside of the jar.

Step 4: Insert Light Source Into the Jar

Step 5: Section Another Piece of Aluminum So That Its Width Is Just Wider Than the Ring Lid.

We didn't want to damage the lid to our jar by poking holes in so we just sectioned another piece of aluminum so that it was wider than the ring part of the lid.

Step 6: Trace the Lid on the Foil

Trace outside of the lid to create a template.

Step 7: Cut Out Circle

Cut your template to get your circle out and poke holes in it with your knife/pen/pencil.

Step 8: Insert Circle Into the Ring Lid

Place the circle with holes in it; into the ring lid.

Step 9: Turn on Light Source

Turn on light. put the lid on

Step 10: Enjoy!!

See it's pretty cool.