Introduction: Cool Wave Ring

About: I am a Middle School Industrial Arts teacher and I enjoy teaching the metal shop classes at our school. I am passionate about working with my hands and love to inspire other in this doing the same.

You will learn how to make a cool wave ring. View the following videos to learn how to
size your finger and use a jeweler's saw to cut your template. You will also learn how to soften the brass by annealing it, and then silver solder the ring together by using a torch. Finish the cool wave ring off by sanding and buffing it until it shines. Finally, get inspired by checking out Step 6: INSPIRABLES. This instructable was created with and for Hyde Middle School students as an instructional aid in their metal shop classes.

Step 1: Supplies

Here is a list of tools and supplies needed:
Most tools and supplies can be found at your local hardware store. Any specialty tools and supplies can be found at [http://http// Rio Grande]

Step 2: Ring Sizing and Template

In this video you will learn how to size your finger and make a template for your cool wave ring.

Step 3: Jeweler's Saw: Cutting Out Template

This video will instruct you how to use a jeweler's saw to cut out your cool wave ring design.

Step 4: Annealing & Soldering

This video will describe how to soften metal by using the annealing process, as well as how to silver solder the ends of your ring together.

Step 5: Sanding and Buffing

This video will show you how to sand your cool wave ring, and then buff it until it shines.

Note: Some people may have an allergic reaction to certain types of metal. You may want to put some type of clear coat on your ring to keep it from turning your finger green. Clear finger nail polish also works well.

Step 6: Inspirables

Get inspired by Hyde Middle School students' ring bling!

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