Introduction: Cool Way to Tell How Much Light Time Is Left in the Day

A cool way to figure how many daylight hours are left in the day by useing your hands.

You need to be able to see the sun!

Step 1: Materials

For this, you need to have more than one hand. You can use one but it is more difficult.

Step 2: Step One

Extend your arm fully so that your first hand is covering the sun. (so you do not lose eyesight) You do not count the hand covering the sun.
I did not make a hand to cover the sun so that you could see where it is.

Step 3: Next Step

Do the same as in step one with your other hand, but place under first hand.
The blocks represent hands.

Step 4: Step Three

Keep going while counting until you reach the horizon.
So in this picture, the blocks represent hands. There are about 4 hours of daylight left.