Cool Workshop Desk Light

Introduction: Cool Workshop Desk Light

Its mostly a wooden replica of the kind of light used by dentists (see picture 2 below). This one has been modified to be better, cooler, and more adapted for the workshop environment. It is designed to stand on a desk like a normal light instead of being mounted to the ceiling or wherever else.

I don't have enough info or any pics of me actually making it, but too much for it to just be like a slideshow... However, this project is pretty self-explanatory and very customizable

Step 1: Wood Work

pretty straight forward -- cut some wood, glue it, drill holes for machine screws... make it work

mine mainly uses 4 sticks to create a 3 range motion of forward back and up down

i used a craftsman drill to make the holes thus i am able to enter this contest...

Step 2: Electronic Parts

still working on this being complete

but basically from goldmine elec

4 rainbow leds (pack)
1 high output warm white led
1 turkey sound box (gobble)

some computer speaker cable (3 conductor)

more so dont order until u have read the whole instructable

Step 3: More Work

the 1st pic shows the endpiece i made using another oiece of wood and a small plastic sheet; there is a hole in the side for the power cabling...

next 2 pics show the machine screws abd thus the ability to move the "arm"

Step 4: Electrical

wire the positive contact of the battery clip to the grounding(uninsulated) wire in the cable wire the negative contact into the middle pin of the 3 position spdt switch

wire the other 2 pins on the switch to the remainig 2 wires (insulated) in the cable

switch is shown hot glued in

Step 5: More Electrical

there are five leds (!colorful!) inside a box. there 4 rainbow and 1 white

in my case I used two yellow leds (one of which had a clear lens) and a bright blue led in the center

connect all 5 positive leads to one colow wire

connect the 4 negative leads from the rainbow to another color wire, and the white negative is the third wire... wire these into the box, the white led in the center and 4 rainbow around it... hook it up to the 3 conductor cable and wire the rest so that it is hidden and looks nice.

Step 6:

make the other part of the box (part with battery pack) connect to this in the same way if u ever need a portable version

u can use headers or some other quicky way to switch between desk and portable power , wire in a nc reed switch so it can also be used as a cool drawer light, or wire in a toroid and additionally power it as a joule thief

see -- custumizabilty???

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    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    the idea is to recreate the overhead "dentist light" with wood and then adapt it for shop use with a desk stand.... i also made it around the holidays, so it has the color led option in addition to the high power main led as for the pics: they basically show the wooden framework of a hydraulics powered robotic arm i made in shop class then drilling some holes.... and wiring in some lights it has a on off on slide switch, a 2xAA battery holder in the back, and some speaker cable is used to make the connections... Sorry for the bad quality but i used my cell phone camera and it was a last minute project for the craftsman contest


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    can u give me a link or a picture? i didnt think they made these outside of the medical industry.

    never mind i went to is it like this one?

    well can your light be detached and use portably as an anywhere work light, drawer light, holiday decoration, and run on leds for less than 10 - 15 $ ?


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    just trying to make my project sound useful yours looks like a cool light, and for less than 10 bucks is great.


    13 years ago on Introduction

    this is a basic walk through but what i feel is enough info to get this started. i am working on making this as close as possible to a full instructable, but that may take some time