Introduction: Cool Workshop Desk Light

Its mostly a wooden replica of the kind of light used by dentists (see picture 2 below). This one has been modified to be better, cooler, and more adapted for the workshop environment. It is designed to stand on a desk like a normal light instead of being mounted to the ceiling or wherever else.

I don't have enough info or any pics of me actually making it, but too much for it to just be like a slideshow... However, this project is pretty self-explanatory and very customizable

Step 1: Wood Work

pretty straight forward -- cut some wood, glue it, drill holes for machine screws... make it work

mine mainly uses 4 sticks to create a 3 range motion of forward back and up down

i used a craftsman drill to make the holes thus i am able to enter this contest...

Step 2: Electronic Parts

still working on this being complete

but basically from goldmine elec

4 rainbow leds (pack)
1 high output warm white led
1 turkey sound box (gobble)

some computer speaker cable (3 conductor)

more so dont order until u have read the whole instructable

Step 3: More Work

the 1st pic shows the endpiece i made using another oiece of wood and a small plastic sheet; there is a hole in the side for the power cabling...

next 2 pics show the machine screws abd thus the ability to move the "arm"

Step 4: Electrical

wire the positive contact of the battery clip to the grounding(uninsulated) wire in the cable wire the negative contact into the middle pin of the 3 position spdt switch

wire the other 2 pins on the switch to the remainig 2 wires (insulated) in the cable

switch is shown hot glued in

Step 5: More Electrical

there are five leds (!colorful!) inside a box. there 4 rainbow and 1 white

in my case I used two yellow leds (one of which had a clear lens) and a bright blue led in the center

connect all 5 positive leads to one colow wire

connect the 4 negative leads from the rainbow to another color wire, and the white negative is the third wire... wire these into the box, the white led in the center and 4 rainbow around it... hook it up to the 3 conductor cable and wire the rest so that it is hidden and looks nice.

Step 6:

make the other part of the box (part with battery pack) connect to this in the same way if u ever need a portable version

u can use headers or some other quicky way to switch between desk and portable power , wire in a nc reed switch so it can also be used as a cool drawer light, or wire in a toroid and additionally power it as a joule thief

see -- custumizabilty???

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