Cool & Comfy Recycled Blue Jean Car Cushion




Introduction: Cool & Comfy Recycled Blue Jean Car Cushion

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It's easy to make a custom fitted car cushion for almost free. Turn an old worn out pair of blue jeans into a car cushion and if you're careful, you might even have enough left over for shorts.

Step 1: Cut Both Legs for Your Material.

First, remove the inside leg seams. Then remove the legs, but save the outer leg seams. If you have a larger car seat, you will need larger men's jeans. Sorry, Emo pants are only good for Mazda Miata.

Step 2: Trim to Fit Your Car's Seat.

Lay one layer of blue jean over the car seat and trim to fit. Leave some excess at the rear side for ties if desired. Back in your home, you can trim the other piece of material to match. Mark the rear edge of the seat cushion and trim later.

Step 3: Final Cuts and Sewing..

Back in the home, trim your matching second layer of material and remove the rear portion of fabric, except the tie material and an extra inch of fabric for the final closure. Remember to reverse the fabric before sewing. I used a simple straight stitch and heavy duty thread.

Step 4: Ready for Stuffing and Done!

I used egg crate foam, saved from packing material as the padding. Cut the foam about an inch smaller than the finished cushion cover as it's thickness will take up some of the overall size. I closed up with a zigzag stitch and ran over the ties to reinforce them. I just tied a knot in each tie as I have found that the knots alone will keep the cushion in place once they are tucked in. You could spend more time making a neater seam, but it will end up tucked in anyway. The finished cushion costs little or nothing to make and works great. The denim tends to stay put and the cushions hold up very well. GOOD LUCK

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    GREAT idea!  We just got a used truck my husband drives all day, and the driver's seat is so worn down.  I'll make this for him for sure!  (Maybe he'll change his mind about these projects being silly... except the ones that are, of course.  No offense intended, those are the fun ones!)   \>-</


    12 years ago on Introduction

    This is great! I have a bunch of jeans that I cut up to make purses but did not know what to do with the legs. Thanks to you....I can work these up in no time. hmmm wonder how to cover the back seat up?!!!


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    Although it doesn't look great, I recommend using T shirts over the seatback because you can change them out and wash them easily. Sweatshirts are even better. Sleeves can be tucked in the sides. This way, you always have something warm and dry to wear in case you get caught in the weather.