Introduction: Cool-looking Paper Airplane

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 Before we get started I just wanted to warn you that this is the kind of paper airplane that looks pretty cool but doesn't fly very well.

 I was sort of reluctant to make this Instructable as I have never told anyone how to make this or let anyone see me make it. If you unfold it, it is impossible to tell, also. It just looks like a bunch of folds radiating from a center point.

 I came up with this design. A few people have told me that I didn't make it up but I swear this is entirely my original work. Please don't try to tell me that it isn't.

 Anyhoo, to make this you will need one (1) sheet of 8 1/2" by 11" paper.

Step 1: First

 First, hold it in portrait. take one of the upper corners and fold it down diagonally to meet the other side at a 90° angle. Do the same with the other corner. NOTE: if you folded the first one right, the corner should meet up with the crease line from the other corner.
 Flip the paper over and fold the top part down. The fold line should meet the point where the two other folds intersect.

Step 2: Second

 Fold the two parts that are protruding out away from the table sort of in and down, so the whole thing (from above) looks like an extended triangle.

Step 3: Third

 Fold the wings. Be sure to get both flaps on each side. On the second side, instead of folding it down to the bottom of the plane (keel?), match it up to the other wing in the back.

Step 4: Fourth

 Fold in the inner wings. they should align with the keel(?) of the plane, about 1/2-way back from the outer wings.

Step 5: Done (Mounting Instructions)

 Take pride in your work. make a display mount! Here's a mini-instructable:
1) take an index card
2) fold it in half
3) make a slit 1/2-way down the folded side
4) make another slit about 1 mm away from the first slit and tear out the paper in between
5) stick your plane in it

The best part about this plane (and the reason no one's figured out how to make it yet) is that if you unfold it, it's impossible to figure out (see photos)!