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Introduction: Cool Tool Grip

About: Hi there, I'm Julian I love making DIY projects that are both fun and useful ;-)

This stile of grip is comfortable and reduces blisters of the hand and is a nice grip to have and most of all it only requires three objects for the grip itself. The grip is not only designed only for Axes but for all wooden handle tools.

Step 1: You Will Need

A wooden grip tool

sand paper

grey duck tape

one red and one black tape

Step 2: Sand

sand the wooden grip to give it a lighter colour.

Step 3: Grey Duck Tape

cover a part of the wood that you will holding with grey duck tape and leave a quarter of the wood uncovered, make another layer or two with more duck tape.

Step 4: Black Tape

This is the part were you cover the gray duck tape with black tape.

Step 5: Style

Finally use your red tape to make the disigne as I have done with the red tape.

If you have any questions ore suggestions pleas comment down below.

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