Introduction: Cooler Adaptation

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With summer coming on, my wife asked me to come up with some way to keep cool during hot summer nights. This is what I came up with. I am sorry there are not enough pictures to go with this instructable, but my son killed my digital camera(he wanted to see if it would float in the sink...sigh)this was built before I got my new digital camera. I do think that this is straight forward enough that you get the idea.

Step 1: Find a Thrift Store Cooler

Get a cheap cooler from a thrift store or second hand shop. Find a conduit like a dryer vent hose and hold it against the cooler about an inch or two up from the bottom. Next mark around it with a sharpie,drill a hole and cut out the circle with a jig saw.

Step 2: Insert Your Conduit or Hose.

Put your hose in the hole and secure, I royally screwed up and made the hole to big so i had to make a cardboard front to make it fit, don't repeat this mistake. I used duck tape to hold it in place, use what ever method works for you.

Step 3: Cut the Other Hole

(yeah, i know this pic was used before, just go with it ok?) Take a small fan and mark a hole on the opposite side of the cooler like step two and cut it out. You can use a bungie cord or duck tape to secure the fan to the hole.

Step 4: Find Some Milk Jugs

Get some empty milk jugs and wash them out (just rinse, you won't be drinking from them)Fill em up and freeze them.

Step 5: Fill Up the Cooler

After they are frozen, put them in the cooler and shut the lid. Let it sit for a bit (fifteen minutes or so) then turn on the fan and a nice stream of cold air comes out of the hose. Aim it where you want and enjoy. With just two and a half gallons of frozen water it is putting out quite a bit of cold air, I plan on filling in the empty spaces with frozen junior juice bottles. This should add quite a bit to it's capacity.

Step 6: Were Done

The finished unit, works great!
P.S. I came up with this idea on my own but that doesen't mean it has not been done on this site, so if someone has done this before i wasn't trying to be a copycat.