Introduction: Cooling Coat With Evaporation

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A coat, that uses water evaporation to cool you on hot days. The coat is made from a thin and light fabric.

Sponge cloths are attached to the front and backside with velcro fastener. The coat is treated with a waterproofing spray, so your cloaths get a little damp and not too wet.

If you are into fassion, this special look has the additional effect to send refreshing chills down your spine.

It is a nice alternative to enery intense fans and air conditioning.

I still have to find out whether it can, replace costly ice vests for MS patients, who's nervous system works better under cooler temperatures.

While heavy ice vests require a refigerator for their cooling pads, this one, like many cooling vests uses a different technology, that only requires a tap to refill from time to time.

It works with water evaporation. The old romans cooled down storage chambers with water evaporation and water evaporation is also how sweating keeps you cool. So you can think of the sponges on this vest as oversized, non stinky sweart glands.

Step 1: You Need

1 stapler

some cloth



velcro fastener

waterproofing spray

Step 2: Cut the Cloth

Cut a stripe of fabric a little broader than the sponge coths you want to use.

Fold the stripe twice, once along it's lenght and once along it's breadth.

Cut out a cuve from one of the folded edges to the other.

Don't cut out too much, the resuting hole will be 4 times as big as what you cut out.

Step 3: Waterproofing the Fabric

Use the waterproofing spray on the whole coat. Take special care on the areas where you will put the sponge cloths. Follow the instructions that come with the spray.

Step 4: Attaching the Sponge Cloths

Add a piece of velcro fastener to every corner of the sponge cloths and fix each of them additionally with a staple.

The velcro fastener tape would fall right off, when the sponge gets wet.

Make the sponge cloths a little wet and put fitting pieces of velcro fastener on top of the pieces you stapled on. Remove the cover on the glue area and press the sponge cloths agianst the area of the coat, where you want them, so that the glue on the velcro fastener tape sticks to the coat. Press on.

Remove the sponge cloth and staple the velcro fastener to the coat. I feel better with the pointy ends of the staples on the outside.

Step 5: Wearing

The cooling only works, if the sponge areas lay right on, with not much space in between. So I added an elastic band, that I wear around the chest, to keep the coat close to the body. Clothing gets a little more wet, than I would like. It works well as a way to fight the heat, and get comfy, when you want to relax at home or in the garden.

Just soak the sponges in the tap, wring them out and place them on the coat and it's ready to cool you down.

Yours should have nicer collor though. That thing got as ugly as a christmas sweater :)

Thanks for reading


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