Introduction: Cooling Mini Fan Watch

About: My name is Shannon, a student from Malaysia.I like to make different kinds of projects and learn cool projects ideas.

In hot and sunny days, mini fan is always a great choice to go when you are out sporting or chilling out at the park. But sometimes mini fans doesnt really goes handy, especially when you need to do work with both of your hands.It is also uncovinient to hold the mini fan for a long time as some of the fans are quite heavy and tiring to hold.This is when I came across a website that sells USB rechargable watch fan, and that gave me an idea! So i started working and looking for ideas to make a simple mini fan watch. The project turned out great as I get to wear the mini fan watch on my hand, cool myself easily and get to do work with both of my hands!

Step 1: What You Need

  • Wires
  • DC motor
  • Switch
  • 9V battery
  • 9V battery connector
  • Silicone or rubber wrist strap
  • Small square box (It can be in any material)
  • Mini fan blade
  • Styrofoam (Optional)

Step 2: Connect the Circuit

Follow the picture above to connect a simple circuit.

Step 3: Insert the Styrofoam to Fix Your Circuit in the Box

I have measured and cut the first styrofoam into the shape of my box so that it fixed perfectly inside.For the next piece of styrofoam, I have cut it into a smaller size to fix the motor.

Step 4: Insert Your Wrist Strap

Step 5: Test It Out and Enjoy Using It!

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