Cooling Pad With Controller. Keeping Cool in the Heat!

Introduction: Cooling Pad With Controller. Keeping Cool in the Heat!

About: SMA Dad creating things to help disabled kids.

I came up with this to help keep my disabled son cool in his wheelchair. Also works great for pets! Cameron would get overheated quickly and could not enjoy being outside or going to disney in the summer. Cooling vests for disabled kids run already strapped parents upwards of $700. This can be built for a fraction of that! This cooling rig allows them to bear the heat and live their best life!

It uses a cold therapy device, Battery pack, and a thermal relay. Without thermal control it would be too cold and only last a short time. With a thermal relay you can adjust the temperature the cold water pump turns on at providing a steady comfortable temp.

Parts to scavenge or buy

Step 1: Wiring the Temp Controller

With a battery pack we are going to wire the positive and negative to the temperature controller to power it. we also jump the positive over to one side of the relay contacts. for output we connect the positive for the cooling device to the other side of the relay contacts and connect the negative to the battery negative.

You may have to play around with the temperature setting to get it just right. i recommend getting a baseline without any water pumping to see what the temp reading is then set the cooling slightly lower. Just dump out a little water once in a while and add ice. The temperature control makes it last much longer and keeps it from getting too cold.

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