Introduction: Cooling Picknickbox/ Table

Do you want to go outside, enjoy the weather and have a nice meal? Then the cooling picknickbox/ table is what you need. It's a box made of fabric which is insulated so you can put all your food inside. Also the plates and cutlery are included. The entire box is made of waterproof fabric so you can easily clean it. You can wear the box with the shoulderband, and once you're arrived at your destination, you remove the loops and like this you create a table. The plates and cutlery are already located at the right place. So you can immediately begin to feast.

Step 1: What Do You Need?

Step 2: Cut the Fabric

  1. First of all cut a circle with a diameter of 94 mm out of the two waterproof fabrics.
  2. Afterwards you cut 6 faces of 30 by 30 cm out of the insulating mousse.
  3. Next you cut 6 faces of 30 by 30 cm out of the aluminium antifreeze blanket.

Step 3: Draw the Outlines + Attach the Elastic

  1. Now you can locate the insulating mousse and aluminium antifreeze blanket on the circle and draw the outlines. You need these outlines to know where the elastic is going to be attached. It should look like this.
  2. To attach the elastic you make the holes, e.g. with a needle (watch the drawing). Then you pull the elastic through the hole and stitch it together.

Step 4: Attach the Buttons

1. 8 buttons for forming the box:
To know where the buttons are going to be attached you use the distance to the elastic (9 cm) and draw the same distance on the other side. For the distance to the edge you use 3 cm.

2. 4 buttons to attach the lid:
These are placed at 10 cm of the top surface of the box and in de middle of the width.

Step 5: Add the Shoulder Belt

Use a shoulder belt which fits your length. Then stitch it at 9 cm from the bottom side of the box. Double 4 cm of the belt and stitch in an X- form to obtain additional strength.

Step 6: Connect the Layers

To connect the layers you start with only the 2 circles, then step by step add the insulating mousse and stich together. For the last step I used an overlock sewing machine because this will remove the fabric we dont need. It also makes sure that the border of the layers has a beautifull finish.

Step 7: Make the Lid

To make the lid you need:
- 2 pieces of waterproof fabric (51-51) cm
- 4 triangles of the insulating mousse (width: 31 cm, height: 10 cm)

Step 8: How to Use It?

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