Introduction: Cooperative Art Project

I directed an art project at a Jr. and Sr. High girls week of summer camp. 
I really enjoy works of art that gets everyone in on the creative process. The girls were excited to be a part of something that would last beyond their week together. The finished art now hangs in the main hall for everyone to see.

latex paint in 5-6 colors
canvas drop cloth (this can purchased at Home Depot for about $8)
sponges (plain ones from the dollar store)

Hang the canvas up between two post or trees. Have buckets filled with each color of paint and add a sponge to each. After the participants finish painting, by throwing paint at the canvas have them add their hand prints.
Once dry,  paint the organizations logo onto it.

We actually didn't add the hand prints until the next day as an after thought. We decided it would be nice to have some identifying mark they could leave behind.
As a follow up, we took a professional photo of the art to use as a post card that was then sent to the girls a few months later to remind them of the friends they made, and the good times they had at camp. It also served as encouragement to come back next year.
Overall the project was a success!