Introduction: Coors Light Interactive Commercial Experience

We did this as a project for university, for both Interior Design and Product Design. The assignement was to develop an interactive experience for a beer brand, which was Coors Light for us.
Since Coors Light is all about claiming that their beer is always cold enough when you drink it - for the moutain on the label turns blue at 4 degrees Celcius - we figured we would make a giant fridge in which you would experience the ultimate Coors Light cold experience.

The experience
The experience works as following: you see a giant fridge (including some dudes promoting Coors Light by shouting 'FREE BEER inside this fridge' all the time). You decide to take a look. You stand in front of the mirror, that asks: 'Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the coolest of us all?'
You decide to go inside. What you see when you enter is.. nothing, well almost nothing, since the inside of the cabin is pitch black. The only thing you see is some bottles of Coors Light being lit up from underneath. And you feel a strong wind, which is weird but covered by the fact that you also hear the sound of that wind blowing. And an eagle. Suddenly the light flashes on, and you find yourself in an astonishing environment, high up in the mountains with a great view, and some bottles of beer looking at you, asking for you, wanting to be consumed by you. Who is the coolest? Coors Light, mothah naturah!!

Obviously, this experience contains several elements, which are the following:

1. Giant fridge
This guy can be easily made out of some beams of wood and some plates of hardboard or thin MDF. I'm not going through this step by step, you know what a hammer is and how a saw works, and if not than question yourself what you're doing on this website. And make sure you don't have to carry it 8 floors up afterwards, we can tell..

2. Mirror
This can be an actual mirror, but we just used a piece of shiny, glossy, fancy, silvery, awesome paper.

3. Fan
There is a hole in the ceiling, slightly smaller than a normal fan you use to cool you down in the summer. Therefore, the fan is just laying on top of the ceiling, blowing wind all the time.

4. Bottle stand
For placing the bottles some higher, and to light it from down under, we used a black painted box with an acrylic sheet over it (also known as plexiglass or perspex). We covered that with another sheet to make the light more diffuse. The light itself is actually just a LED-torch. To scatter the beam, we covered the inside of our black box with tin foil. To make it a little disappear in the background, we used some cottons as being snow. Yeah.

5. Awesome view
You have to make sure that you have a great view for the people who're inside the frigde. Therefore you can put it on a cliff, or hire a helicopter to place it somewhere high up in the mountains. Use your Google Earth and you imagination. Or in worst case, print an awesome poster in extremely high quality like we did.

6. Mountain soundtrack
This one is just played by a laptop (also needed for the following Arduino circuit) and an external little speaker. The soundtrack is a homemade combination of some windsounds and some rocking eagles. This one is doing it's job instantly, just as our fan.

7. Arduino circuit
And in the end, you'll need an circuit to trigger the light with some delay after a person steps in. We did this by using an infrared sensor en some super high bright LED's, one of 1W and one of 3W. This for no particular reason, we just bought the 1W first and later on figured we would need one more, maybe a little brighter. We placed the sensor in the doorway, and installed the LED's in a way they

In order to make the 3,5 or 3,8V LED's work on the 5V Arduino circuit, we used resistances of 100 Ohm. You can see the images for the exact circuit. You can cover the whole thing up which fake snow (or real if you ask me).

Arduino code
// This is the code for our Coors Light Interactive Commercial Experience

int sensorPin = 2; // select the input pin for the potentiometer
int ledPin = 12; // select the pin for the LED
int sensorvalue = 0; // select the start value of the sensor

boolean full = false; // use a boolean for making the lights go on the one time you
// crawl in and staying of the one time you crawl out. Boolean from the start is false
// since there is no one inside.

void setup() {
pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT); // declare the ledPin as an OUTPUT:
pinMode(sensorPin, INPUT); // declare the sensorPin as an INPUT:
Serial.begin(9600); // set up the print line


void loop() {
sensorvalue = digitalRead(sensorPin); // set up sensorvalue as reading the sensor

(sensorvalue == HIGH && full == false){ // read the value from the sensor and the boolean
delay(10000); // wait for 10 seconds
digitalWrite(12, HIGH); // turn the LED on
delay(15000); // wait for another 15 seconds
full = true; // set boolean to 'true' to prevent the lights from lighting the next time

(sensorvalue == HIGH && full == true){ // read the value from the sensor and the boolean
digitalWrite(12, LOW); // keep the LED off
full = false; // set boolean to false, so next time the sensor reads, the light will go on
delay(5000); // wait for five seconds with new measuring; the person has time to crawl out.

else {
digitalWrite(12, LOW); // keep LED off
delay (250); // wait for 0,25 seconds for the next measuring
Serial.println(digitalRead(sensorPin)); // print the value of the sensor