Introduction: Copper Draw !

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Hi!In This Tutorial You can learn a easily way to clean your copper from tarnish and let it to shine! and the most important things

How to Draw on the Copper!

There are a lot of products for clean the metal, but I think there are a lot ECOfriendly methods for obtain the same result!

In the previous Instructables

we used vinegar Here:

so wait to put it away because we will need it again.

You will need:

- vinegar - salt - copper , You can use the cents that weigh down your wallet or the ones in your piggy bank. - container, it can be a glass or plastic container, but not a metal one.

Step 1: Prepare the Mixture!

Add to the vinegar the salt until the solution becomes saturated , you will see that at the bottom the salt stops melting

Step 2: Cleaning Process

now get some cents and put them in the container, i kept some cents to confront them afterwards but you can immediately see the difference. Once you take out the coin you can see how it looks new again , the effect is immediate.

Step 3: Draw What You Want!

now what you have to do is cover the object you want to draw "chemically" and then with a cutter cut out the drawing you want to perform
maybe initially it creates something simple and not too complex

For example, I made my logo and as you can see it is not something very elaborate
remember that if you use a cutter you could go to engrave the object

After cutting and removing the tape in the point you want to draw, use the liquid we created before and pass it several times to make it act
after a few minutes the result will be amazing!

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