Copper Lamp With Edison Bulb



Introduction: Copper Lamp With Edison Bulb

Once upon a time we watched TV, my wife and me. I suddenly hear: awwww, awesome, look, look what a beautiful lamp. Lets see, not too difficult to do...

Step 1: Materials and Tools

We need:

copper plate.

copper rivets,

some wood,

hemp rope

electric wire,

light bulb holder

Edison bulb

hammer, drill, handsaw or jigsaw or holesaw, glue, butane torch or similar

Step 2: Let's Start

I bought a piece of copper sheet. Dimensions depend on Your preferences. My piece has 30 cm/75cm. Next step, heating. Copper after heating gets softer and gets color. Next i made holes using jigsaw . One side must be polished, using waterproof sandpaper 800, 1000 grit and polishing paste. Colors on second picture are some exposed.

Step 3: Bending

As pattern i use old methane cylinder. I hit hammer trough hardwood piece using zip tie as auxiliary holder. Ends fix using five copper rivets.

Step 4: Holder

Next cut and glued holder. Old parquet is a very good material. Wood is too light, has been painted vinegar with rusty nails. Short pipe for bulb holder and voila.

Step 5: Upper Holder

The upper part is made of wood. Drill three holes and make hole for wiring. Wire is hidden inside hemp rope. Blue wire is for better visibility. As schown od second photo, wires is brown. Rope fixed using screw and glue. Lower ends of rope tie knots and saved with drop cyano glue.


If You have no experience,please, all electric work give to electrician.

Step 6: Final Effect

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