Introduction: Copper Led Flashing Witch

This Copper LED Flashing Witch works on 9V battery and white and Multi-coloured LEDs through ON/OFF Switch by Parallel Wiring Combinations of Each section adding wig and designing labeled Happy Halloween paper on it make it look decent.


1.8mm bare Copper wire up-to 2 meter long
2.25 SWG bare copper wire 1 mater long
3. very thin copper bare wire 1 mater long
4. White and Orange Chart papers 1 each
5.Board Markers 3 colours
6.8 White LEDs for teeth
7.8 Multi-coloured Flashing LEDs for eyes
8. 4 resistors 100 ohms
9. One 9V Battery
10.Wire black and Red for connections 1 meter long
11.ON/OFF Switch
12. One Wig
13. two eye Balls
14.Glue Gum
15.Soldering Iron

Step 1: Copper 8mm Bare Wire Bending

Bend the Wire so that it will take the shape of Head,Mouth and Body frame, then add another bare wire 25 SWG to make eyes and teeth and add chart paper to look prominent.

Step 2: Adding Battery and Eye Balls

Fix the 9V Battery with tape with the main frame of 8mm Wire and paste the eye balls on the Eye frame with Glue Stick.

Step 3: Teeth Wiring

Shape and connect the 25 SWG copper wire so that it look like a teeth jaws, then Mount the 4 LEDs on each jaw by connecting it in parallel combination so that each LED will work Independently.

Step 4: Mount the LED Teeth on the Body Frame

Fix the Teeth position by using very thin copper wire and look at the back of the frame that it is ok.

Step 5: Adding the Eye's LED Flash Lights

After completing the teeth, Add Four Multi-coloured LEDs Flashing Lights to each Eye so that it look balanced, then make wiring connections in paralllel combination and add one on/off switch near to 9V Battery.

Step 6: Completing All the Connections Thoroughly and Adding 100 Ohms Resistor to Each Positive Section

Join 100 Ohms resistor to each section and all the Positive wires of Teeth and Eyes together to connect them all to One 9V battery's Positive terminal through ON/OF switch and Join all the negative terminals of Teeth and Eyes together to connect them all to 9V Battery's Negative terminal directly.

Step 7: Completing the Project by Running It

After making all connections Fix the Wig on Head and Happy Halloween Labeled paper on that wig and then switch ON the Button and Enjoy watching your Copper LEDs Flashing Witch. Thanks

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