Copper Metal Window Plant Hanger




Introduction: Copper Metal Window Plant Hanger

Copper Metal Plant Hanger with stained glass

Step 1: Copper Metal Plant Hanger With Stained Glass

Using RG45 welding rods the 6 pieces were bent using a hand bender to obtain the desired shape. I next used an Acetylene and Oxy torch to braze the pieces together, both sides. I brazed a ring at the top and bottom, the top one to hang it by, the bottom for looks. I cut the stained glass, copper foiled it and using a soldering iron, soldered the stain glass to the metal frame. A circle was cut from oak for the base to set the vase on and the vase was glued to the base. A plant can now be put into the water filled vase and hung in the window, or outside on a porch to enjoy

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    This looks pretty good!

    If you open this up to edit, there is a built-in tool (the "Edit in Pixlr" button when you select a photo) that you can use to flip your photos upright. Just a thought :)