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Introduction: Copper Mobile Christmas Deccor

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In this instructable, you will be constructing a mobile-style Christmas Ordament. The basic idea is that three or more rings counter rotate with the introduction of wind or physical energy. The design is simple, but the end relult is spectacular.

I gave this to a friend, and she thought I had bought it somewhere.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

All you need to build this is:
> Copper wire (or your favorite type of wire)
> Fishing swivels (6 or more)
> Gem or stone for centerpiece

The only tools you need are:
> Mini blow-torch or soldering iron with solder
> Needle nose pliers
> Not needed but helpfull: Helping hand, courtesy of rstaugh

Step 2: Building the Frame

To start out, you need to build the wire frame (the wire hearts in the picture)
First, you need to decide on a design. Whether it be hearts or decahedrens, it doesnt matter. I recomend going into microsoft word, and picking from the auto-shapes. Draw three different sizes of that shape, each one smaller than the other.

Take your wire, and bend around that shape. Then solder at the seams. You should now have three different sized shapes.

Step 3: Attatch the Swivels

Now, you need to attatch the swivels. Take a swivel, and solder it on to the top and bottom of your smallest shape. Then solder your medium shape ouside of that to the swivels you just soldered. Attach swivels on the top and bottom of the med. shape. Lastly, solder the biggest shape to the swivels you just attached.

The whole thing should look something like the picture.

Step 4: The Last Step

The final thing you need to do is attatch a centerpiece. Remember, this is the center of the mobile, so make it something pretty.

Take your wire, and wrap it around the item in a swirling pattern. Not so much wire that the object cannot be seen, but just enough to hold it. This you can solder directly inside of your smallest shape. It will spin with the rest of the shape. If you want to get creative, try some of the patterns below.

Dont forget to ad a swivel and a hook to the top of your creation so that you can hang it somewhere.

Step 5: Give Credit Where Credit Is Due!

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