Copper Rose - Make It at Home!!




Introduction: Copper Rose - Make It at Home!!

A new girl? Deciding to decorate the garden since it is getting slowly summer? Or just for a small, but an innovative gift. This project will fulfill it. It doesn't require a lot of your money. However, you should take some time for this.

Then let's get right into it.

Step 1: Step 1: Gather You Material

First of all, you must get your material to start off with. Remember you don't have to use what I use here, I started out using a copper plate which I got for free at an old metal tray. You could also just buy one on Amazon:

For starting of, you will need:

- copper rod (another material is indeed possible)

- Something to cut the copper with

- And the template (surely you do not want to make an own one so I got one right here) Just open the file above

Step 2: Step 2: Cut

You must now precisely cut the shapes out. Each one.

Then put them on top the copper plate which you should have gotten and draw them on it.

Get a pen which is not easy to get off because while the cutting it might spread. I am sure you have one of them at home, if not ask your neighbor.

Then cut out the shapes. If done you must be careful that the copper isn't too thick (should be bendable). It is indeed to thick then use a hammer to make it thinner.

Step 3: Step 3: Drill and Put It Together

Drill hole in the same position in each piece to insert the rod.

When done that insert each piece in the right order.

Then Bend it from the inside to the out until it looks like a rose.

Now it should look similar to the picture above, now it is your turn to let your creativity flow, bend it in different shapes so it looks like a real rose, curves, and waves.

Step 4: Thank You

Here are two examples on how your finished rose could look like. Well thanks for viewing, I am still improving my own work. I hope the idea helped you and you could do something with it.

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    3 years ago

    I'm a visual arts teacher at a high school in Detroit, and since my students were showing me this project I choose to, to create it with my class. Thank you!!


    Tip 3 years ago

    my girl was very happy xd


    3 years ago