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I was searching for different lamps to have in my living room but i couldn't find the right one.
My only option at this point was to make one from scratch. I really wanted to have a tree of some sort in a material that has a warm feeling over it. My idea was to mimic nature as close as possible and make it in a material that has some shiny surface.

The base of the tree was changing during the project was developing. it started with a wooden base but in the end it became a steel bowl

Then i cam up with the idea to use copper as the main material as it has its warm colour and easy to work with and has this nice shininess.

So what i did was to look where they use copper that can be used for my lamp project. I found variuos industries that use copper pipe in those small dimensions. You can find it on heating pipes for AC in the cars for break and in several refrigerator.

I started to look where i could order those and i choose to order copper pipes for cars breaking pipes.

In this guide i going to tell how i did this

Step 1: What I Used to Created the Tree

For all the big branches i used regular copper break pipes for the cars.

For the small branches i used electric cables in various dimensions

For base i used Ikea steel bowl Blanda blank 20 cm in diameter

Material used:

  • 10 meters 5 mm diameter of break pipes for the car
  • 10 meters of 6 mm2 electric cable
  • 5 meter 2.5 mm2 electric cable
  • 5 meter 4 mm2 electric cable
  • IKEA bowl Blanda Blank 20 cm diameter
  • EGLO edison style 60 w light bulb
  • Black light socket for E27 light bulb
  • Some electrical cable with switch on it

Tools used:

  • Mini butane torch
  • Solder wire
  • Home made holders for the branches (2 wood pieces and bolt in the middle)
  • Some wire cutters
  • Drainpipe 100 mm for a template in shaping the spiral branches

Step 2: Starting Point

Drawing the pattern of the Main branches and the soldering points for the supporting branches.

The plan was to get the height approximate 1.5 meters

So in the drawing it was a spiral pattern of the main branches and after that the tree begin to spread out.

The end result became to be 1.4 meter and the spiral was until 80 cm before starting to spread out.

I started with cutting out 2 meter lengths and straighten them up and made a baseplate with 5 mm hole to attached the pipes in.

Step 3: Starting to Shape the Tree

when all 6 branches was in place i started to make the spiral pattern and i was using a 100 mm diameter drainpipe. I shape the spiral pattern around it and make 6 x 2 meters 6 mm2 cable that i pealed of the shield on and those cables was running straight up from the base supporting the spiral pattern.

The process was to solder all the main branches on the supporting 6 mm2 wire and that made the spiral shape from the base at approximately 20 cm up to the spreading point at 80 cm up.

When this was done i could replace the base plate with the IKEA bowl. I have drill 2 holes for every main branch. One hole 3 cm from edge of the bowl and another at the top so that you got 14 cm in diameter between the holes on the top. time 6 of that combination and the lamp socket with i hole for the cable and 2 for the screws in able to hold the socket.

I mounted the lamp socket and later on i will connect the cables from under the bowl.

I put the main branches trough the big hole and the smaller was to twin some wire to stabilize the structure and as i saved 20 cm without soldering i could bend out the branches and get the trough.

Step 4: Shaping Branches

Now when main structure is done its time for form the branches and to that i had 2 wooden pieces with a screw in the middle to stabilize the copper wire and i was able to solder them together without holding them.

Its taking a lot of soldering but its fast with the torch.

Now its just creation process on how the tree is going to be shaped with branches

When the branches was done its just bend then as you like to have them

Imagination how the real tree looks

After all branches was on done i connected the cable for the power.

Step 5: Finishing the Tree

I did some polish with some steel wool to get the shiny finish that i wanted.

I did some more wire at the base and solder them to the main branches for a more realistic look.

Now its done just screw on the light bulb and turn on the light.

I could have gone wild and take it to next level. this can be how big as you want it to be just make sure the base can handle the size

Good luck

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