Introduction: Copper Wood Lamp

Using an old power converter Copper to make a light bulb custom holder incorporated in wood.

for this project you will need:

light bulb

unused power converter(for copper wires)

an electric switch

piece of wood


Step 1: The Old Converter

i used a reclaimed power converter for the copper wire i needed, the copper is insulated making a safe use with the lamp. all i needed is to shape cut and exposed the wire were i wanted it to make contact with the lamp base.

Step 2: Exposing and Forming the Wire

i warred the copper aroud the screw of the lamp , after i exposed the end of it. also in this design i took another piece and shaped it as a holder so the lamp wont bend and touch the wood. the last part is to take a third piece of exposed the tip and shape it as a small disk in order to close the circuit.

Step 3: Prepare the Wood

I took an old log i had in the yard and just cut a cm piece of it. than painted with brown wood paint and varnish

drill 3 very small holes( slightly bigger than the diameter of the wire). pass two of the copper wires through it. one that goes to the screw of the bulb and the other for the tip. the third hole is just for the copper wire stabilizer so the bulb wont move so much.

Attach a power switch to the tip of the copper wires. i just took one lying around. and plug it in the power... if everything worked well the light will work.. otherwise... its probably a copper wire still have too much protective coating

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