Introduction: Copper IPad Stand

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I have seen other iPad/tablet stands made from copper tubing, but didn't like the finished look. This is a very simple project and fits the iPad mini and larger iPads. The actual design, like so many of the things I do, evolved, hence no drawings or proper plans.

Step 1: Parts List

All parts based on 15mm pipe and fittings.

2 x m/f elbow

4 x equal elbow

6 x equal tee

2 x endcap

15mm pipe cut to following lengths:

4 x 20mm

2 x 30mm

2 x 65mm

2 x 72mm

1 x 78mm

2 x 115mm

1 x 120mm

Glue / Solder

Step 2: Create Sections

To begin the build, I initially constructed the main sections. This simplified the final build and should help in getting all the parts positioed correctly.

Part A - Assemble the M/F elbow by inserting 20mm pipe ninto socket and then fix the end cap on to this. x 2

Part B - Take equal tee and insert 20mm pipe into branch. then connect 65mm pipe in one of the ends and a equal elbow on to this. add the 72mm pipe ito elbow. x 2

Part C - take the 78 mm pipe and attach tees to both ends

Part D - take 115 pipe and attach elbow. then continue with 30mm pipe. x2

Part E - take the 120 mm pipe and attach tees to both ends

Step 3: Assembly

This is where it gets tricky.... although it is fairly starighforward. I recomend doing a dry build first before committing to glue.

Start at one side and fix B to C (branch of tee), then fix B to E, D to C and E

Sorry for not being more descriptive, but it is easier than it sounds.

Once main frame is done, all that is left is to attach A. I put mine at an angle as it looks better.

Step 4: Enjoy...

Allow to dry / set. Clean and polish.

Hope that all made sense. This is my first Instructable and first iPad stand. Not bad for a couple of hours work. Adjusting the length of the 120mm pipe and 65mm pipe will alter the angle of stand.

depending on your skill with at soldering this could be also be soldered rather than glued. you could also consider the pre soldered fittings although you'd have to check clearand on front backets.

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