Copper Tape Touch Extension for Cardboard VR Kits




Introduction: Copper Tape Touch Extension for Cardboard VR Kits

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This is a really simple but useful addition to cardboard kits that don't have the magnetic attachment to simulate a touch or smartphones that do not react to a change in magnetic flux.

All you need is:

- Your assembled cardboard VR headset
- Smartphone
- Copper Tape

Step 1: Size Up Your Phone

Observe your phone's position in the VR headset and look for a spot which is reactive to touch but will not obstruct your view when you peer into the headsets.

Step 2: Place the Copper Tape

With your phone securely housed in the headset, place one end of your strip of copper tape on your chosen spot as in the previous step. Wrap it around to the side of your phone so it is easily accessible when holding the headset up.

TIP: Map out your preferred area on the outside of your kit in advance with copper tape to see if you'll be comfortable dedicating that spot as a button. It will be quite easy connecting it to your phone with the copper tape from here.

Step 3: Now Try It Out!

You can test it's responsiveness using flappy bird before you get into any VR apps. It should work like a charm.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    My phone seems to think that the copper tape is a constant touch, even when my finger is not anywhere near the tape.

    any advice?


    6 years ago on Introduction


    Do you have a video of copper tape trick? Can you pls share the same?


    7 years ago

    Plz upload a video of copper tape trick plz, i have moto g 2nd gen and i neet this plz....